Washout Breakdown—Adhesion Loss During Developing

Poor Coating Methods

Pre-Exposed or Outdated Film or Emulsion

Screen Not Dry Enough for Exposure

Transfer Emulsion Has Inadequately Sensitized Film

Improper Adhesion of Capillary Film

Water Temperature Range Too Hot

Excessive Water Pressure and/or Washing

Inadequate or Inconsistent Exposure

Contaminated Mesh

Scumming or Haze

Light Scatter

Pre-Exposure of Film or Emulsion

Poor Positive and Contact

Excess Moisture in Screen Making Area

Incomplete Washout and/or Under Exposure (a major common problem)

Weak Stencil

Stencil Too Thin for Mesh

Baggy Mesh

Screen Not Fully Dry During Exposure

Emulsion Coating Too Thin

Film Too Thin for Mesh Count

Underexposure (the most common cause of stencil failure)

Washout Difficult—During Developing

Poor Positive

Pre-Exposed or Outdated Film or Emulsion

Excessive Heat Used in Drying Screen


Poor Image—Sawtooth

Poor Positive to Screen Contact


Incorrect Drying of Emulsion

Stencil Too Thin

Inconsistent Light Exposure

Incorrect Exposure


Powdered Sensitizer

Emulsion Coating Too Thin

Film Too Thin for Mesh

Air Bubbles in Emulsion

Dirt or Grease on Mesh


Dust and Shop Dirt


Placement of Positive

Light Scatter Within Mesh

Inconsistent Exposure to Light

Improper Exposure

Poor Contact of Positive to Screen


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