Selecting the Right Stencil

  • Stencil selection will always play an important role in the success of each textile job—from fine, detailed halftones and text, to ink deposit and opacity requirements, using the right emulsion for your textile application can make the difference.
  • Contact Chromaline’s Technical Specialists and Experienced Sales Representatives to help you find the optimum stencil system for your unique or challenging textile application.
  • With years of product research and development, Chromaline Labs™ has assembled a comprehensive product range for textiles, with solutions that will fit your screen printing needs.
  • Use the table (right) to select the appropriate Chromaline emulsion for your textile application.

The Basics of Textile Printing

Learn about specific Chromaline products that are guaranteed to improve any textile printing operation. From direct emulsions, to presensitized film, and pallet adhesives to inkjet film for photo positives, and more. Read this helpful information to improve your textile printing process.

Textile Emulsion Selection Chart

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Ink Application Type Direct Emulsion Capillary Film
Water-based inks For soft-hand prints on light-colored fabrics Water-based
Discharge inks For soft-hand prints on dark fabrics Water-based
Plastisol inks For use on multi-color cotton, polyester, nylon and Lycra® fabrics Plastisol
Glitter /Metallic /Reflective inks Special effect applications Plastisol
High-Density Inks For creating 3D effects Plastisol
Glue / Adhesive Inks For embellishment adhesion: foil, transfers, sequins, caviar beads, patches, flocking
  • Plastisol
  • 2-Part

*Recommended for high-resolution Images


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