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28 μm stencil aperture imaged with Alpha™ E-20 Emulsion
24-27 μm circuit printed with conductive silver paste

Printed Electronic Emulsion Selection Chart

Ink Type
Chromaline Emulsion Type Resolution Capability Silver Carbon Solvent-Based UV-Curable Water Based Key Features
Alpha E-20™ Direct Emulsion 20 μm Ultra-resolution with greatest accuracy and reproducibility
Alpha E-30™ Direct Emulsion 30 μm Ultra-high resolution, laminate with Alpha MicroCap™ A
Alpha E-50™ Direct Emulsion 50 μm Extremely high resolution and durability
Alpha MicroCap™ A Capillary Film 15 μm Highest resolution with most consistent results
MAX-R Direct Emulsion 75 μm Extreme durability for abrasive & water-based applications

*Recommended for high-resolution Images


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