With the ability to screen print almost every design or text onto any substrate or 3-dimensional object, the capabilities for today’s graphic printer appear to be limitless—but not without challenges. Every day, graphic printers are confronted with obstacles; matching corporate colors for POP prints or fleet graphics, printing tiny, 6-point text on lotion bottles, and creating flawless industrial interface panels for appliances, autos, keyboards, and switch overlays—applications where high quality prints are imperative!    

Emulsion selection and performance is a critical component for the success of every graphic application.

Medium / Large Format Graphics >>  Matching color is the greatest challenge for process color signs, POP and fleet Graphics. Chromaline’s graphic emulsions deliver high resolution, sharp edge-definition prints and ensure consistent and repeatable color matching.

Optical Media >>  Edge definition, fine text and halftones are the requirements for optical media graphics—the perfect job for Chromaline’s high-resolution emulsions!

Industrial Graphics >>  Machine interface panels provide the first impression of a product–they must communicate quality! Chromaline’s graphic emulsions provide high resolution and superior edge definition for appliances, switches, nameplates and instrument panels.

Containers >>  Direct-printed containers help increase product value! Chromaline emulsions can provide the high-resolution images and precise ink deposit necessary for creating the visual and tactile message of superior quality containers.

Graphics Emulsion Selection Chart

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Ink Application Direct Emulsion Capillary Film
Solvent Inks Posters, indoor/outdoor signs, transportation graphics, POP, banners, IMD, identity cards, bottles & containers, coated surfaces
Metallic Solvent Inks High quality labels, decals, displays
UV Inks Posters, POP, banners, labels & decals, membrane overlays, containers, IMD, indoor/outdoor & flexing applications
Metallic UV Inks High quality labels, decals, displays
Water Based Inks Applications that do not require scratch and abrasion resistance
LED Inks Various graphic applications and membrane switch overlays

*Recommended for high-resolution Images


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