Ken Hegman
Chief Operating Officer

Art Dobie
Technical Sales Representative
Northeast Region
Cell: 908-328-2670
Phone: 800-328-4261

John Bejar
Technical Sales Representative
West Coast Region
Cell: 951-526-6165
Phone: 800-328-4261 Ext. 254

Larry Tywater
Technical Sales Representative
South Central Region
Cell: 336-688-6583
Phone: 800-328-4261 Ext. 253

Kevin Kauth
Technical Sales Representative
Midwest Region
Cell: 651-769-5458
Phone: 800-328-4261 Ext. 251

Marty Medvetz
Domestic Sales Manager
Cell: 740-816-8087
Phone: 800-328-4261 Ext. 255

Mick Orr
Applications & Training Specialist, Canada
Cell: 218-349-8190
Phone: 800-328-4261 Ext. 148



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Joseph Chau
Sales Director - Asia

Roxy Stolis
Export Coordinator

Aaron Burwell
International Sales Manager

Susan Brathol
International Sales Coordinator

Michael Sullivan
Marketing Services Manager
Phone: 218-628-2217 ext. 141

Jessica Wetzel
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Phone: 218-628-2217 ext. 101

Sammie Lundberg
Graphic Designer
Phone: 218-628-2217 ext. 120

Josh Munter
CSR/Event Coordinator
Phone: 218-628-2217 ext. 104

Nicole Hautajarvi
Customer Service Coordinator
Phone: 800-328-4261 Ext. 126

Sherri Riley
Accounts Payable/Billing
Phone: 800-328-4261 Ext. 129

Roxy Stolis
Export Coordinator

Joanne Lamminen
Accounts Receivable
Phone: 800-328-4261 Ext. 111

Amber Coughlin
Chromaline Inside Sales
Phone: 800-328-4261 Ext. 140
Direct Phone: 218-628-6429

Jena Marsyla
Customer Service
Phone: 800-328-4261 Ext. 274

Mick Orr
Applications & Training Specialist
Cell: 218-349-8190
Phone: 800-328-4261 Ext. 148

Screen Print Products
4832 Grand Avenue
Duluth, Minnesota 55807 USA
Phone: 218-628-2217
Toll Free: 1-800-328-4261
Fax: 218-628-3245

Bill Ulland
Chairman, President & CEO

Jon Gerlach
CFO, Vice-President, Finance

Claude Piguet
Executive Vice President

Ken Hegman
Chief Operating Officer

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