Control Quality. Scoop coating techniques can vary from screen to screen causing inconsistencies in exposure, imaging and print results. Ensure uniformity by laminating Quick Film instead! No matter who’s making screens, Quick Film allows for consistent stencil thickness.

Quicker to Press. Less water needed = faster to dry. Because Quick Film does not have pinholes, you'll be printing instead of touching up.

No Waste. Unlike liquid emulsion, nothing is left in the bucket, every ounce is applied to the screen. Plus, Quick Film has a 2-year shelf life!

Coat Perfect Screens with Chromaline's NEW Quick Film

Quick Film is fast, clean and consistent!

Causes of Scoop Coating Variation

  • Coating Pressure
  • Coating Speed

eliminate coating variation with Quick Film...

  • Number of Coats Applied
  • Human Error
  • Changing emulsion
  • Emulsion age
  • Technique Variation
  • Coater Edge Radius & Imperfections

Quick Film Allows for 

Consistent Stencil Thickness

Quick film dries to your screen with its print-side carrier sheet in place. The carrier sheet maintains a flat printing surface that does not contort to the shape of the mesh as with direct emulsion. 

The flat printing surface is ideal for clean line reproduction and halftone imaging. Stencil thickness will remain consistent no matter who’s staffed in prepress.

Meet Amber Coughlin, Inside Support Specialist with Chromaline Screen Print Products. Amber has been with IKONICS for over three years and has supported the Chromaline division over the past year. Not only does she have the knowledge and experience to assist with all screen printing needs, she's conveniently available to tech you through problems and listen to your needs. Connect with Amber today via phone, LiveChat or direct email,  she can’t wait to connect!

Amber Coughlin Chromaline Support Specialist

Toll Free (800) 328-4261 ext. 140

Direct (218) 628-6429

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 Quick Film is conveniently available in 10-Sheet packs or in 50-Sheet packs, both packs are 15 x 17" in size and 40 microns thick. Call Amber directly at (218) 628-6429 or order online.

Only $29.95 for a 10-Sheet Pack!

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